What areas do Business Backup service?

Business Backup is staffed at Brisbane, Tumut, Inverloch, Melbourne but with the beauty of technology we can service all over Australia


Do I need to come to you for a meeting?

We are happy to visit your work place or to meet with you at any convenient location. If time is really tight, a lot of the initial set up work can be done electronically and by phone.


What if I do some of the bookkeeping work myself?

Our goal is to provide a customised service to meet your needs. At our initial meeting we will agree the level of service and frequency that Business Backup will provide.

I use a computerised accounting system. How will Business Backup interface with that?

We encourage all of our clients to computerise their accounting records. We work with most major accounting packages and deliver outputs in the formats required by your accountant.

My receptionist does a lot of the data entry. Can I use Business Backup just to check her work and complete the BAS?

Absolutely. A number of our clients operate like this and we can also provide coaching to help your staff member maintain the quality and accuracy of your records.

Our records are in bad shape and we are very behind in our taxation obligations. Will Business Backup help us get things in order?

We understand how this happens in business and have wide experience in putting financial and accounting records in order. We are able to negotiate with the ATO to bring your business back into compliance.

Why don't I simply employ a bookkeeper to work in my business?

Using Business Backup for your bookkeeping and general admin work reduces your staff costs and the time you need to spend supervising staff. You gain access to professional service and current advice from well trained and qualified staff as the need arises. You pay only for the hours necessary to complete your work.

How do I know that Business Backup is qualified to do my work?

Business Backup has been operating for over 30 years. We are registered with the ATO as a BAS Agent. We work with a wide cross-section of businesses and understand the needs of small to medium businesses very well. We maintain close relationships with a number of accounting firms and receive significant referral business from them. References from our current clients and Accountancy firms can be given on request.

Want to know more about our company and our services?

Please don’t hesitate to talk to us. This can be done by calling one of our friendly staff.


Born out of a belief that many businesses suffer through poor record keeping and a lack of understanding of their financial performance, Business Backup was established in 1986.


Phone:1300 759 330
Fax: (03) 8080 6470